Quantum’s Methyl B12 Nasal Spray (Wholesale – 12pcs minimum)

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Dosage Per Spray: 2500 mcg of Q-Methyl B12, and 300 mcg of Folic Acid
Sprays Per Bottle: 60
This is a proprietary Charged Liquid. Resale price $59-99.

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133 in stock



Quantum’s Super-Red Methyl B12 is a powerful patented (US12/723,421) experience. Invented by Stan Kurtz who recovered himself from severe digestive issues, fatigue and brain fog and also helped his son recover from several diagnoses. More than 60,000 happy families have received bottles from pharmacies all over the world and today, you can get it direct.

Q-MB12 is a unique formulation and administration that shows near-instant effects on QEEG brain scans.  

Richard Deth, PhD writes: The striking effects of Stan’s Methylcobalamin research on EEG activity may represent a breakthrough, not only in understanding and treating ADHD, but in understanding the molecular origins of human attention.

Richard Deth, PhD.
Molecular Neuropharmacologist and Professor
of Pharmacology at Northeastern University

Qeeg Study Video
Sari with Brain Fog and her First Dose of Methyl B12 Nasal Spray

1 review for Quantum’s Methyl B12 Nasal Spray (Wholesale – 12pcs minimum)

  1. Steve Edelson, Ph.D.

    The Autism Research Institute (ARI) is a sponsor of some of Stan’s MB12 research, which will likely have a profound affect on autism, ADHD, and the chronic illness communities. I also know Stan as a friend and I feel very strongly that his heart is in the right place and his work is important for the community. I can certainly vouch for his values, his desire to find the truth, and help as many families as he can.

    Steve Edelson, Ph.D.
    Director, Autism Research Institute

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