Quantum’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solution

An effective product lifecycle management (PLM) solution integrates the tools and processes used to design, develop and manufacture a new device. This solution goes beyond engineering activities and includes end-to-end project management, process control and financial management of business processes.
All products reach end of life when a new and improved model replaces them or when market demand drops to unprofitable levels. As recycling and reusing old products grows in importance across industries, electronic devices have led to recycling regulations and sustainability initiatives. A solution provides valuable assistance in identifying parts and materials that can be recycled, reused, or reused, and in managing the process of disposing of waste that cannot be remanufactured. This capability has the potential to reduce life cycle costs where disposal without recycling can be an expensive option.
With Quantum, impact is effectively and efficiently managed and controlled to minimize disruption and maximize impact.