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Build stunning real-time dashboards from App & ioT Data.
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Opportunity has very flexible pricing from simple individual cloud user to Enterprise wide multi-tennented dashboard solutions. issue pricing to all our approved partners every month, in your local currency.  We give our partners exclusive access to the Nebula Portal, which holds a full media kit to start today.


Easily push IoT "Thing" data to Combine App & IoT data streams for a holistic view of your clients business goals.

Innovate new idea's for your clients and improve efficiency, with incredible ROI. Create apps & integrations, business logic and data streams for agile decision making.


Databases, Spreasheets, Mainframes, Web CMS, ERP, Reporting even data on your hard drive and many more softwares have legacy data structures.

XML, CSV, SQL MQTT & JSON are all supported out of the box with  Our iPaas platform and advanced business logic allows mixing data from App, Database or IoT devices.

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