Seamlessly connecting businesses to the


Quantum Intelligent DistributionTM model and commitment to quality help us deliver comprehensive solutions to electronic component supply chain challenges.

Leaping Over Traditional Supply Hurtles!

Quantum’s industry changing services and technology will save
you time, money and stress.

Custome Solution

market intelligence and cutting-edge technology helps your cost savings...


obsolescence support helps you strategically plan and buffer for product...

Vendor Managed Inventory

VMI services let you turn over the responsibilities of management to us...

Tape and Reeling

supplier-consolidation services lower overhead costs in the procurement...

End Of Life Management

Recovers the value of your excess inventory by maximizing your potential return...

Counterfeit Protection

Our systems and process fully protect you from counterfeit product.


From the most available and the hardest to find, we have the ability to get just about any
brand of electronic, electromechanical or passive component right away.

One Trusted Supplier For Reducing Costs and
Finding Hard-to-Find Product

Our Free Sourcing Software will save you time. Our BOM evalutation services save you money.
Our ability to find any product, will lower your stress.

Success Is The Quantum Way

The success of the services and solutions we provide our customers creates
the foundation for our continued innovation and growth.

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