Welcome to the Gravity API

Easily push data to Quantum.io dashboards


The Gravity API allows developers to push data to Quantum.io dashboards in your favourite  code languages. 

Mix your app data with 20,000+ other App & IoT Thing data.  Give your clients a holistic view of their business data alongside your own.


Chose from 20 SDK's from PHP, Java, Azure, Node.js and much more.  Get started with code examples, mock server and our production API.

Simply register for a Quantum.io account, get your API keys, Qubit window_ID and push data from infinite sources for graphical view.

great docs

The Gravity API has great documentation, demo code and SDK's  allowing easy low touch ways to build dashboards for clients.

Download our documentation in Swagger, RAML and most of the evolutionary chain of API documentation.

Ready to start coding?

First register for Quantum.io Dashboard to get your API Token.

Visit our Developer Portal

Tools.  Documentation.  Code examples.  SDK's , API & more            
...Get started in minutes.

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