Our Mission:

To upgrade businesses to real-time data insight

Everything emits data.


Thousands of apps have API's.  Some of them with your valuable data inside.  Create real-time TV data dashboards from the apps you use everyday.

Push your app data to our Gravity API, then embed in your own software, combine with infinite 3rd party apps data.


Easily push your IoT "Thing" data to Quantum.io. Combine App & IoT data streams for a holistic view of your business goals.

Innovate new idea's for your business and improve efficiency. Create apps & integrations, business logic and data streams for agile decision making.


Databases, Spreasheets, Mainframes, Web CMS, ERP, Reporting even data on your hard drive and many more softwares have legacy data structures.

XML, CSV, SQL are all supported out of the box with Quantum.io.  Our iPaas platform and advanced business logic can handle any data.

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