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Easily get client data, embed KPI's into your apps

Our mission is to give the world easy access to real-time KPI Metrics from ANY data source, including your software!  Our Single user dashboard is available in the cloud for free or can be forked from Github under the MIT license.

With thousands of public & private API’s, bundles of on-premise data points, app, smart devices and booming mobile adoption there are plenty of opportunities for greater insight and data management for your users.

Welcome to the Gravity API - Get started in minutes!

Our API is 100% Free and can be used with almost any code framework.

Why Code?  We are sure you know your software and your clients inside out.  But, they have many data points and KPI’s outside of your software, perhaps they need a piece of data to be more efficient, save money, save time, trigger an action or meet SLA’s.

Perhaps it would rock their world to see that KPI data in your app?  Extract JSON data from our API, embed widgets or build an integration.